Wednesday, April 30, 2008


Why is it that no matter what, bubbles make little people happy? I am very thankful for that because they have saved my sanity more than once. I let my almost 2 year old bring them in the car, and they keep her entertained for a good portion of the ride. She also likes blowing bubbles while riding in shopping carts. I think bubbles put people in good moods. I know I usually smile when I see bubbles even if my day is less than ideal, especially if they are being blown by one of my favorite people.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Oh, I likey dat

I chose this name for this blog because my youngest daughter, who will be 2 shortly, says this when she likes something. I find it funny, and I likey dat, so I thought it was a fitting name.

Spilled "milk"

This is a way for me to chronicle my life with three wonderful daughters. I find myself constantly trying to remember cute, insightful, amusing things they do on a daily basis. I suppose I will also use this to remember the not so cute, not so funny things that occur around here pretty regularly as well. One of those not so funny moments happened not long ago when my three and a half year old decided to help herself to a (shot) glass of milk. She took out the "milk" (read half and half) and proceeded to empty the container into a glass she judged worthy of her size. The following then happened; most of the "milk" ended up on the floor of my kitchen, under the table and nicely tracked around the floor in a lovely pattern. If I hadn't told her to wait one minute, I would have been impressed with her ability to quench her own thirst. Instead I thought about crying because now I had one more chore to add to my daily list. I then started thinking of that saying "don't cry over spilled milk" and began to smile, until I realized that all the cream for coffee was gone. I did however have the presence of mind to take a picture.