Monday, May 17, 2010

Happy Birthday Maya!

Today my sweet youngest child, you turn four.  Four.  How did that happen so quickly?  I swear, just the other day you were bald, tiny (relatively speaking), and wordless.  Now, you are so tall, and cannot stop talking.  You want to know about everything.  You draw everything.  You are an amazing artist.  You draw things that I cannot believe you can do.  You spend a good portion of each day drawing elaborate scenes and writing words that you have memorized.  It blows me away.  You also love to play outside.  The swings are your favorite and you can go so high on your own now.  You tell me all the time, "look, Mama, I am touching the sky!"  You love to dress up, and also love a good mud pie. You wake up happy every day.  A happy like I didn't know existed.  You shine when you wake.  Shine and glow and smile.  It is my favorite way you look, and I have yet to capture it on film for fear of spoiling the moment. You love to ride your bike and got a new one from Nana and Grandpa a few days early for your birthday.You choose your own clothes every day, and usually come up with some very interesting combinations, but we roll with it because you are doing it all on your own, and they're just clothes, after all.  You have a fierce love for your sisters.  You are kind, sweet, gentle with animals and babies, and you claim to be the fastest runner in all the world.  You want to run all the time, no matter where we are going, and always ask, "can we run today?" Yo are sensitive, so sensitive and are quick to weep if you feel you have been wronged, but also bounce back quickly if we can make you laugh. You love to help in the kitchen, always asking if you can help me make dinner or if we can bake something.  You love to stir and crack eggs. You love Ryleigh endlessly, and call her your best buddy.  You treat her like a sister, and love to try to boss her around, but she has become wise to the fact that she doesn't have to listen to you, and that annoys you a bit.  You love to sing.  Your favorite song right now is, 'We're not gonna take it' by Twisted Sister.  You sing every word.  One day you asked me, "Mama, what they're not gonna take anymore?"  So funny that you actually listen to and think about what they're saying.  When you want to know the definition of something you say, "what means_____" which I think is a very sweet way to ask.  You have a major sweet tooth.  You sneak over to Nana and Grandpa's house to get a treat from the candy jar.  You think it is hilarious to sneak over there and not tell anyone you are going.  Nana called me a few weeks ago to ask me if I knew that you were over there.  It was 7:30  in the morning and just wanted to visit, so you went right over.  You love to be with them.  You are very attached to Daddy and tell him everyday when he leaves for work that you'll miss him and draw him a picture while he's gone, and you always do.  You love to play superheroes with Daddy.  You also love to paint with him.  You are becoming quite your own special person.  My sweet Maya, when you were born, I knew that you were amazing.  you have continued to prove it to me each and every day.  I will never forget that from day one you have done it your way, and that way usually works out.  I am so thankful that you made it through being sick as a teeny (again relatively) baby in the hospital,  that you were strong enough to pull through and be with us.  I am thankful every day for you, and remember how scary it was in the beginning often.  You are tough and always have been.  I have never met anyone like you.  You are crazy and silly and outgoing and caring, and you always want to pat every dog we see.  You love to say hi to Irish Grandpa in heaven when a crow flies by, and always say it so confidently and happily, like that crow is actually him, it makes me smile every time.  You love picking flowers and handing them out and always bring me a wishing dandelion on our walks.  I love you so very much my sweet girl, and cannot believe that you are four years old.  Happy, Happy Birthday. 

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Up on the roof

We went to visit my grandmother for Easter this year.  We had a great time, and the kids favorite thing was, without a doubt, playing on the roof of her garage.  The roof is flat, and large, plus its just one big step up, as she lives on a hill and the house is up above the roof line of the garage.  I remember playing up there when I was a kid and loving it. nHaving a healthy respect for the edge and feeling totally comfortable up there. They were completely thrilled with being allowed to play up there. I have to be honest, though. As much as I adored doing that as a kid, it made me so nervous and crazy as a parent...all those fears of them FALLING OFF THE ROOF!  They didn't, and had a great time, but it was my least favorite thing about the trip, and I am so not a hoverer, but for some reason I just couldn't go along peacefully with this one...
(all roof adventures completely supervised under several competent adults!)

Monday, May 10, 2010

Maya's favorite colors

Upon asking Maya what her favorite color was, I got this response; "Momma, I love all the colors! Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and violeNt, 'cause they're all so pretty!"


Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Running my first half

I ran my first half marathon this weekend.  I ran with my Dad who is a seasoned marathonner, but who has never run a half.  He is very patient and helps me along, as he is much faster and has been doing this for over ten years.  I truly value our running time together.  This race was in Providence, RI and was very hilly.  The weather was overcast and about 75 and humid.  We were very lucky the sun stayed away until almost the end.  This race was, hands down, the hardest physical challenge I have ever completed in my life.  Including having three children without pain medication.  It was HARD.  It was hilly.  It was so much more than I ever expected it to be.  The last 2.5 miles were torturous.  I have always had a ton of respect and awe for marathonners, but after this weekend it has magnified by 100.  This was really challenging to me mentally and physically.  The training plan I followed was not enough mileage for me, to get me ready for this.  I am slow, and the plan was mostly time based, not mileage based, except for the long run, so I think I will try a mileage based program next time. I am very proud of my accomplishment, and know that I put in a ton of hard work to get there.  I will definitely try another one (although immediately after crossing the finish i swore to my mother that I would never do another one), after I have many more 10+ mile runs under my belt.  It was lovely to see my girls, Will, and my Mom at the finish line, and I have never been happier to have an ice cold drink in all my life.  I got a really nice medal for my efforts, and proceeded to wear it for the rest of the day!  We also made a mini vacation out of our weekend and visited the zoo and Newport.  It was a lot of fun, but exhausting.  All in all it was an amazingly transforming experience, one I plan to have again several months down the road.