Monday, November 30, 2009


So there is an app on the iPhone that makes it look like Santa is calling on the phone. Will had it ring after dinner tonight and "talked" to Santa about how the girls are doing. It was very cute and sweet. A few minutes later he had it ring again. The call went like this;
Will:Santa? Yes, they are still here. You have a question for them? Oh! You have three zhu zhu pets? Oh... Okay, let me ask them. Hey, guys? Santa says that he has three zhu zhu pets, but that there are three little kids who aren't going to get anything for Christmas and didn't know if you would want him to give them to them or to save them for you.
Lilly: you gan give them mine...
Allie: they can have mine!
Maya: mine, you can give 'em mine.
Will: Santa, they all said to go ahead and give them to those little
kids. Yes, we are very proud of them, too. Thanks for calling, bye.

Seriously?! My girls who have been pining for these damned mechanical hamsters think they gave them up to kids with no gifts? I am so proud I may burst. Christmas is in the air.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

A super yummy healthy breakfast

I was late coming home from the gym this morning,due to my trip to Target for those damn machanical hamsters,(still nothing) plus we are down to near nothing that I usually eat in the morning, so I was forced to improvise. I have been on a health and fitness quest for almost a year, have lost a bunch of weight, and am in pretty great shape, and am eating great, so I have a little routine with my eating. I usually have an eggwhite burrito an some cottage cheese. We were out of both. I decided to make oatmeal, which I usually put apples and almonds in, but again we were out, so I put in a bit of natural peanut butter, sugar free strawberry jam, and a banana, and mixed it up. It was like the most delicious PB&J ever. It may sound weird, but I am definitely having it again tomorrow. Plus it kept me full for four hours, a definite bonus.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Christmas movies for kids

We spent the weekend laying low, trying to avoid the germs that mass crowds bring. Will thought it would be fun to bring the kids to see Santa at the mall which I quickly shot down due to my slight phobia of the germiest places. He was disappointed and also thinks I am slightly neurotic, but went along with my craziness (I am assuming to keep the peace). So we spent all of the raniest Saturday ever on the couch watching National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation and A Christmas Story (Allie cringed when Flick went to stick his tongue on the pole, remembering all too well her experience with the fence
last winter). The clear winner was Chevy Chase, and I think we watched it four times that day. The girls are running around the house singing hip hip hooray for Christmas vacaaaaaation! I'm not sure it was the best choice for them, but it gave us all a much needed day of rest.
Oh, still not a mechanical hamster to be found...

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Well, that's really the Christmas spirit, rotten toy company...

So I am standing in front of our local Target, waiting for it to open because o heard a rumor that they are getting a shipment of Zhu Zhu pets today. These are little fake hamsters that interact and are unfortunately the hot item for Christmas this year. Now I have several problems with this whole situation. First, I would never normally be standing here, participating on this insanity, but my girls have been asking for these fuzzy creatures for months. Seriously. I just thought they would get them for Christmas, having been made to wait would make ot that much sweeter, right? Well now we find out that the company has created an intentional shortage to drive the price up ( they are seven dollars if you can find them on stores, but are going for as much as 100 on line). What kind of holiday spirit is this? It makes me so mad that I don't even want to but any, just boycott the whole thong on principle, but then Will reminds me how totally thrilled the girls will be if we can actually find them some fake hamsters, and it makes it worth the aggrivation. I am buying extra if I can find them and we are doing the salvation army toy tree with them, because you know those kids don't have someone freezing in a line somewhere. I think of how happy they will be if I can make this happen for them. So hopefully I will be able to get some in here because I refuse to go on eBay. I really don't love this whole process, but if I can get some, it will be worth it. You can bet though, that those things will be from us, not Santa.

Monday, November 9, 2009

H1N1 School Clinic

So there was an H1N1 and seasonal flu shot clinic at the girl's school today.  I volunteered to be a holder.  A holder is the person who holds the children (who in some cases are freaking out) who aren't lucky enough to have parents who could attend.  So for the most part it went fine, but I had one boy (who was in 4th grade!) who jumped JUMPED off my lap, out of my arms with the needles in his arms. He totally faked us out with his calm demeanor, and then let us have it. Needless to say he got a redo.  Dude, it would have been so much better to just sit still.  All in all, the older the kids, the more they freaked, but in general they were very brave.  So now, two of my girls are vaccinated, and one is not.  You could only get the vaccine if you attend the school, so for now Maya is out of luck, but hopefully the germiest germ carriers are taken care of, so hopefully we are safe for a while.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

We Lost

The right to marry between gay and lesbian couples has been overturned.  I am ashamed of the people of Maine today, and am so sorry for our friends and family that this will hurt.  It is a sad day for all of us when happiness is denied. I wanted my girls to live in a better world, where everyone has the same rights. Crap.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

No on 1

Today is voting day.  Here in Maine, we have the option to vote to overturn the right that we have given to gay and lesbian couples to marry.  This is question 1.  No on 1 would uphold the right, yes on one would take away a right.  I think a yes vote is rotten, mean, and unfair.  I believe that all people should have the right to love and marry who they want to.  I feel that taking rights and happiness away from people is unkind and unnecessary.  I think of my girls and all they have ahead of them in their lives and hope that if any of them do fall in love with a woman, they have the opportunity to marry, love, and live in the same way they would if they fell in love with a man, and to be proud of that.   I took Maya with me to the polls this morning, and we have been talking for a while about how everyone should have the same choices and opportunities, so when we got there, I explained what we were about to do.  Maya said, "right, Momma, we want everybody to be able to love everyone, and be happy, right?  And, Momma, it's okay for girls to love girls and boys to love boys like you and Daddy do, right?"  So I told her that she was right that everyone should be allowed to make their own choices and live how they felt was best for them, because we are all the same.  She said, "why some people want to make some people not be happy?"  I didn't have a good answer for that so I just told her that hopefully, after today everyone would get to be happy and equal.