Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The rockstar equivalent

At the lake today Maya achieved rockstar status. She caught a big turtle. She was immediately swarmed by no less than 25 kids, all amazed by her capture. I had to escort her back to the spot she caught it and supervise the release so no one caught him again. Seriously rockstar.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Girls Weekend

Girl weekend in Boston this weekend was so much fun! (Steph was there too, but left earlier that morning) We had a blast. We saw tons of Boston, ate amazing food, including Mike's canoli. It was the most laid back, spur of the moment, let the day unfold as it may kind of trip, my favorite. The weekend started when The Laura Case came in on Thursday night and then did family pictures for us on Friday morning. I will never forget this day. It was raining raining raining and we decided to try and get some photos anyway. Lets just say that Laura is amazing. She stood in the rain and whipping wind cheerfully while trying to get the grouchy (this person will remain unnamed for his/her own protection) in our family to smile. Not an easy task. There was a giant frame and tiny car involved, as well as many fake mustaches, I cannot wait to see how they turned out. We met up with Joanna, Liz and Steph later that day and had a fantastic dinner. Warrior Dash ended up not happening for us as it was fah-reez-ing and pouring so hard you couldn't see at times. We warriored our way right back to the hotel and relaxed and then walked around the city after the weather cleared instead. Much better than being cold, wet and muddy. It was like hanging out with friends I see all the time. It was so much fun and so refreshing to be around fun easy going people. We had another great dinner Saturday night. These ladies are funny. Seriously funny. Sunday we went to Harvard Yard and Laura did Liz's family pictures. Liz has the most beautiful family, and sweet, so sweet. We went back to her house for a cookout and relaxed. It was the perfect way to wrap up the weekend. (picture taken in the backyard) Laura and I made a quick trip to Ikea while trying to burn some time before going to the airport. I love me some Ikea. I had the best time and thank all of these ladies for a great time.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

So far...
I am short on words, long on fun. This is my favorite favorite time in life. Summer time with my kids who all still want to hang out with me. My house may suffer, but we are all so filled up with joy. These are the best days.

Friday, June 17, 2011

Show me the Family

We have a tiny camp about 2 hours from home, on a fantastic river. We took the kids there for the first time (I'm not sure what we had been doing not going there all these years, but wow, what a bummer. We will be making up for that poor judgement this summer.) and they loved it! We managed one photo on the front porch before we had to go exploring again. Maya found a crayfish in the river, and Will found a walking stick that had been cut by beavers. It was a fantastic time, but now they want to live there.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

On the road to Rhode Island

So we went to Rhode Island for my brother in law's wedding. Very sweet tiny ceremony, wedged in between the rain and wind, the one dryish part of the day. It was lovely.


We had a whole weekend to fill. We let the kids spend the entire morning in the hotel pool. When they came out their hair had formed what I can only describe as rubberized ropes, and even after several days of washing conditioning rinsing repeating, it's still a mess. Any ideas what happened there?
Then we met up with some of our oldest friends and went to this teeny tiny kick ass aquarium where there were more touch tanks than anything else. Maya was absolutely taken with the shark petting tank. Yup, that's right. There were two tiny dogfish sharks that you could pat, and they were actually seeking out people to get some love. I think she stood there for close to an hour playing with the sharks. (that's a sentence that I never thought I'd write) Lilly also braved the sea creatures and held a giant horseshoe crab. It was pretty awesome. We then had ice-cream for lunch and spent three hours at a playground right around the corner from where Will grew up. It was a great weekend.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Beachy fun

We have been spending every available moment at the beach lately. The temperature has ranged from the 60s to the 90s, and each day has been fantastic. Let the summer fun begin!