Thursday, May 19, 2011

My Allie Girl

My Allie girl. This is a perfect perfect representation of her. Everything around her is gray is gloomy, and here she is shining brightly. She has such a light and joy about her. My girl. Walking out of school at the end of the day among the pint sized mass of dreary gray people, and rain for days,my girl with the rainbow umbrella comes skipping, skipping! to me. She lights me up. She is joy.

And now the damn blogger app isn't working...stat tuned for the picture!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Happy Birthday, Maya!

Today you are five years old. Actually just as I began this post, your birth minute passed.  I can hardly believe another year has gone by.  You are amazing.  You are funny, so funny.  You are kind and sassy and sweet.  You are an animal lover, worm picker upper, spider fear-er.  You have taken on the role of big sister seamlessly.  You are a natural nurturer, and love love love the baby. Always kissing hugging, rubbing his head and checking on him.  You are an incredible friend and care taker to everyone in your special circle.  You learned this year that even if you don't really like someone, it is just as important to be kind to them as it is to be kind to your favorite friend.  You are very brave, and have no problem taking risks.  You jump off incredibly high platforms at the playground, and come away laughing.  You learned this year that water in your face is not going to end you.  You have bonded incredibly with Lukey-dog, and he sleeps on your bed every night, though he waits for your invitation. You and Allie fight all the time, but also play together well.  Lilly says that the two of you fight about everything, and you correct her saying that you don't fight about air.  You are so tall.  You have also learned to read!  You have started to sound out words and you write everything down now.  Most of the time we know exactly what you have written.  This morning you came into my room with a thank you note you had written in anticipation of your birthday gifts.  You seriously amaze me every day.  You allow my eyes to tear with pride on a regular basis.  You are always the first one to offer up a toy that someone else wants, an instrument, a snack, whatever it may be.  You are a peacemaker, except with Allie.  You are fierce about everything, fiercely loyal, loving, caring, funny. Your best friend is still Ryleigh, although Dylan, Noah and Claire are up there, too.   You love to sing in the car.  Your favorites are 'We're not gonna take it' and pretty much anything by Pink.  Last week we were driving listening to music, singing along, and I was flipping through songs, when I passed by Selena Gomez, and onto the Indigo Girls.  You asked for Selena when she went by, by as soon as you heard the Indigo Girls, you said, "no, this one, I like this better." Makes me know I am doing this mothering thing right at least part of the time.  You radiate beauty and happiness.  You also have your share of the grumps, but really, they are not often, and are easily overcome.  Some days you ask to please not leave the house, preferring to stay in your pajamas and relax.  On these days, I try to oblige, but sometimes it's not possible.  We try to make up for this on the weekends.  You love to play outside, and ask regularly to stay after school and play with your friends in the yard.  We try and do this nearly every day.  You are a true source of happiness and joy in all of our lives.  You are silly and prankish, loving and wonderful.  I am thankful everyday for you.  Happy fifth birthday lovey.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Farm Day

Yesterday was farm day at a local farm. We got to see lots of animals, we fed some goats dandelions ( turns out we shouldn't have, as it makes their milk sour, oops! There weren't any signs saying not to.) climbed on tractors, went on hayrides, had faces painted, saw beehives, got to pat newborn lambs. There were 4 sheep mamas and there were 3 sets of twin lambs, and two of the three sets were one black lamb, one white one. So cute! It was a really fun day, and really, what's cuter than a kid feeing a goat a bouquet of dandelions?

Thursday, May 5, 2011


That is all.