Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Chicken Fingers (of the sea)

I have been working really hard lately on eating right and exercising. In my new found eating plan, I have added a lot of fish. My children will not eat fish, which is a shame living on the coast. They just have it in their heads that fish is gross and that fish = goldfish, which they have in their room. So I decided that I would try fish sticks, but the ones in the grocery store aren't exactly healthy, so I thought I would attempt making them myself. I bought a pound and a half of Haddock and cut it into fish stick size shapes, dipped them in whole wheat flour, dipped in egg white, then into some seasoned breadcrumbs and grated Parmesan mixture. With the oven at 450 degrees, I put a cookie sheet in the oven for a few minutes, then removed and coated with olive oil. After that, I put the fish sticks on the sheet and flipped them all over so they would be lightly oiled on each side. Last, into the oven for seven minutes, then flip over and cook another seven. I took them out and served them with ketchup. Oh, I also told them that they were chicken fingers. That was Will's idea. I was going to tell them it was fish after they said they liked it, but he warned that they may never eat it again, so we just called it chicken and they were none the wiser. I feel a little guilty, but if it will get them eating fish, I am all for it. Allie and Maya asked for seconds, I could not believe it. Those were the best chicken fingers I have ever had.


Joanna said...

I like the way you and Will think. I agree, Will is right. You can't tell them yet. My grandmother pulled that on us once and told us too soon. Lets just say, she lost that battle.

Julie said...

Great idea! Glad the girls loved them. I can't figure out good kid meals--its totally hit or miss with us. I made a mild chicken curry last night and Lana asked for seconds, much to my surprise. Then I could make mac and cheese from the box and she is just so-so about it. Its great that you got your girls to eat fish though, even if they thought it was chicken :)